Ice, Fire, & the Moon

K and I set out on our honeymoon on a whim. We had not had the time to plan out a detailed itinerary in view of our wedding, but decided to go ahead with one a month later. We booked last minute everything (flights, trains, lodgings, etc) and flew off to our dream destination—Iceland. Touching […]

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2016 has been a crazy year so far. Being engaged, I spent the first half of the year preparing for the big day, which of course was a roaring success (it was to be in any case). Then, K and I, together with our bunch of mountaineer friends, conquered Mt. Kinabalu, a mountain that was […]

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Nails By #JeanYipSG 

I have always been quite a nail junkie. Whenever asked to name an unusual fact about myself, I would point out that my nails NEVER go unpainted. It started from my JC days. Because nail painting has always provided such therapeutic pleasure to me, I love to indulge in this activity the night before major […]

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   このドレスのプリントはずっと海の波浪みたいです!私は日本が大好きだから、このドレスが着た時とてもし幸せでした!(^_−)−☆ 写真を撮って時にすっごく可愛い猫が一匹見ました!最高!!♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

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