Beauty Keeper Review 

A huge box of Beauty Keeper products was sent to me some time back, and as with all skincare products, I took my time to use them repeatedly for a few weeks before settling for a verdict. In this post, I will be focusing on the products that I enjoyed most out of the lot! Hanaka […]

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Who am I? I am a community pharmacist. On a daily basis, I interact with patients, who are down with minor ailments, looking to find some relief. Being the healthcare professional most accessible to the public, my role allows me to nip most of their conditions in the bud. Good communication skills and an attention […]

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Ice, Fire, & the Moon

K and I set out on our honeymoon on a whim. We had not had the time to plan out a detailed itinerary in view of our wedding, but decided to go ahead with one a month later. We booked last minute everything (flights, trains, lodgings, etc) and flew off to our dream destination—Iceland. Touching […]

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2016 has been a crazy year so far. Being engaged, I spent the first half of the year preparing for the big day, which of course was a roaring success (it was to be in any case). Then, K and I, together with our bunch of mountaineer friends, conquered Mt. Kinabalu, a mountain that was […]

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Nails By #JeanYipSG 

I have always been quite a nail junkie. Whenever asked to name an unusual fact about myself, I would point out that my nails NEVER go unpainted. It started from my JC days. Because nail painting has always provided such therapeutic pleasure to me, I love to indulge in this activity the night before major […]

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