Pamela Love x Topshop

I love a good set of accessories. I say ‘set‘ because I go by the motto ‘the more, the merrier’ when it comes to accessories.

It is not difficult to see that the act of piling on is fast becoming a popular trend, especially with the likes of top fashion bloggers such as Rumi Neely and Liz Cherkasova.

Quite evidently, I am also a huge fan of accessories. They provide a simple solution to spice up any outfits so you never have to look like you didn’t put in effort to dress up again. For the more daring, go ahead and pile ’em on for that dramatic effect!

Here are some suggestions for your growing collection!

Pack of Five Knuckle Rings from ASOS. An epitome of simplicity. I like that it comes it a pack like this so one can wear all five at a go! Plus knuckle rings are just so unique!

Double Spike Through Finger Ring from ASOS. Minimalistic but fierce. ‘Nuff said.

Braided Hex Bracelet from Giles&Brother. A chic piece which is, unfortunately, priced at USD250. However, you can always look to this for inspiration and DIY some on your own with hex nuts readily available from hardware stores island-wide!

Box Braid Collar from Phillip Lim. Perfect with a crisp white tee and dark indigo jeans.

If you are also gaga over accessories like me, then Pamela Love, whose raw style has always been deeply influenced by elements of nature, would definitely be no stranger to you.

Did you hear? Pamela Love’s collaboration with Topshop has already hit the stores of Singapore!

Now, you better hurry up before these babies get sold out!

Also, it’s already the 7th of July—have you gotten your copy of CATALOG Magazine yet?(:


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