PLECTRUM by Ben Sherman

The Plectrum collection is a new line and concept by designer Mark Williams for Ben Sherman A/W’11. Themed as Englishman in New York, this collection exudes charm of a well-travelled and eloquent English gentleman. Besides Ben Sherman’s distinguished plait shirts and signature chinos, one can also expect belted chunky knits and the ever classic trenchcoat—all with a modern twist.

I was very honoured to be invited to the Plectrum press event which took place last Wednesday at The Club Hotel.

The furnishing at the venue was an impressive mixture of luxury and coziness (think warm lighting, suede armchairs and aged brick walls) which I thought tied in with the notion of Ben Sherman really well.

We were also served delectable food in convenient bite-sizes that looked almost too pretty to be eaten.

Most importantly, I had the chance to talk to Mark Williams, the Global Head of Menswear Design and the man behind this Plectrum collection.

During my conversation with Mark Williams, he revealed that all of Ben Sherman’s plait shirts are made of fabrics which are self-designed and self-weaved! They indeed take much pride in producing trendy pieces of originality.

In addition, pieces under the new Plectrum collection will carry this Plectrum logo.

This must be one of my favorite pieces in the Plectrum collection! It is actually a trenchcoat but in place of the conventional buttons, metalware was used.

This is not your usual shirt. If you look closely, it is a combination of carefully selected fabrics in various pastel colours put together, guaranteeing maximum visual impact when put on.

Now, neither is this your usual chinos. Ben Sherman Plectrum has put a twist to the hem by a striped band to the inner side of the pants, which is revealed when folded, making it more apparent that you folded up the hem of your chinos! Such meticulous details never fail to intrigue me.

There are, of course, many many more beautiful pieces from the Plectrum collection but I am not going to reveal them all here. You have definitely got to check them out on your own. Don’t forget to feel them too—the perfectionists behind Ben
Sherman were very particular about the quality of this Plectrum collection, which explains why materials of better craftsmanship were used.

So remember to drop by any Ben Sherman stores one of these days and be prepared to be amazed by the Plectrum collection!

xx HY


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