It was a night out for the Style Scouts and the Wing Tai crew last Saturday at Zouk as we party away, drowning in booze and thumping music!

Inspired by the latest A/W’11 collection by Miss Selfridge and Ben Sherman which featured lots of colour-blocking in all sorts of bright popping hues, the code this time round for the bi-monthly event is none other than Colour Clash! (Got to love themed parties!:D)

Met up with Shane and Jolyn (who had to leave halfway ):)!

It was such a pity Allen couldn’t make it (he was probably enjoying himself all the way in NY!) but that’s okay, we shall party even harder on behalf of him!^^v

These are just some of the faces behind all the successful campaigns and events Fashion Fast Forward has organized. Without them, there wouldn’t be us! ♥

As expected, we became trigger happy with our cameras after a few drinks and ended up in a clickety frenzy.

The ever adorable Shane looking very happy indeed!

Then we lost control and decided to have some fun, sneaking up to our unsuspecting friends.

It was definitely a great night and I enjoyed myself tremendously. Fabulous drinks, fabulous music (Hong & Eclipse were spinning!) and fabulous company – what more could I ask for? 😉

Here’s signing off with another epic photo of the night!








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