Topshop picks

I’m so excited about December. My papers will be over, the weather will turn cool and winter is by far my favorite fashion season! Needless to say, I have been stocking up my wardrobe and I simply can’t wait to break out my dresses once school is out!

This time round, I am obsessed with velvet, sequins, leather, knits, metallics and the colours maroon and gold. Here are some of my favorite picks from Topshop’s new collection and tips on how to wear them!

1) Pair a tee in luxe fabric with your favorite pair of jeans.

2) Wear a pair of interesting shorts so they peek out just a little under an oversized knit.

3) Update your skater dresses collection with metallic ones. (Topshop has the best skater dresses. They call it flippy tunics and I swear by their cuts.)

4) Throw on a quality outerwear that can make you feel like a million bucks instantly.





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