Sky High


So yes, as you can see, I have succumbed to the MBMJ studded mouse flats. I got them in wine and can I just exclaim that they are so soft?! I really really love them. However, I’m still trying to learn the art of caring for leather shoes. Apparently, I need water protector and leather care products, which I gonna get. I really want these mouse to last forever!

Tied my hopelessly untameable hair into a sky high ponytail today & I kinda like the effect. May do this a lot in the future! ^^

Lastly, I finally lay my hands on a copy of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green. The last copy in that particular store at that too! I’m only two chapters into the book & I already KNOW it’s gonna be my favorite book. It’s those kind of books that you chance upon once in a while that really resonates in you. I can’t wait to cry and laugh with it.

I can’t believe I actually wrote more than a few words for this post (hah). On a more stressed note, my schedule is catching up on me, the work’s piling up BUT I will pull through!



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