I believe every girl has a list of dream bags she longs to own one day. Shall share mine with you! ^^ They are in increasing order of prices if I’m not wrong.

1) LV Speedy. Struck off the list, yes! I don’t particularly like monograms but I really adore the boxy shape of the speedy. It’s super spacious, super sturdy, super classic and super durable. I’m also loving how the straps and handles age over time. Mine’s a lovely shade of warm honey now. LOVE.

2) Balenciaga First. This bag’s on the small side but I prefer it’s shape to the other series. I’ll like to have this in a bright jewel tone and this season’s Lagon is perfect!

3) Givenchy Antigona. I only discover this bag recently, to be frank, when I was looking at pandoras. At first sight, I thought it looked pretty normal. Structured? Yeah. Sleek? Yeah. Versatile? Yeah. Pretty but  nothing spectacular. Yet, somehow, it started to grow on me. Everytime I plan my outfits, I would think to myself: if only I have the antigona, it would go so well! And now I’m coveting this bag like CRAZY haha.

4) Céline Lugguage Mini. This bag pretty much took the blogosphere by storm and the next moment I knew, it was just overrated. Well, overrated it might be, it still looks yummy to me. I have heard the leather’s really soft and the bag can’t retain its shape well so I’m kinda skeptical. Bah, give me one anyway.

5) Chanel Classic Flap. If I could only have one bag for my entire life, this would be it. This is how much I lust over it. I swear this is my ULTIMATE dream bag, even before I know brands. The chains, the interlocking Cs, the shape (and gosh, am I a sucker for shapes), the diamond quilts and the luxurious lambskin. I have NEVER EVER doubted that Chanel is my favorite brand in the whole wide world. ^^

6) Hermès Kelly. And since this is a lust list, let’s include Hermès just cause it’s Hermès. I know the Birkin is probably the classic but somehow, I prefer the Kelly. I feel that it looks younger and it looks like slung over the shoulder too. I like hands-free carrying most of the time.

And that’s the end of my Lust List of Dream Bags. Realistically speaking, I’ll obviously not be able to collect all during this lifetime but they are goals and goals are wonderful to have. There, the optimist in me speaking.

This is fun. Perhaps I should make one on my Dream Shoes too.^^

Till the next time, lovelies x


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