Triple Neon Brights

Lunch at One Rochester was a cosy affair with the usual pharmacy bunch.

The food was well worth the price we spent. I had the gyuyere soufflé for starter. There was plenty of cheesiness in this dish but luckily, it wasn’t overly sharp or salty. I enjoyed this a lot.

Ordered Sea bass fillet for my main. Fish was fresh but thought that the dish was too simple and predictable.

Tiramisu for dessert, yums! I love tiramisus and this one’s decent enough. I have tasted better but this still passes.


Finally wore my neon dress out but somehow think I really don’t quite suit colours.

Paired it with my neon pink chain necklace and cobalt blue pumps.

It was a low-back dress but I sewed it higher to cover up my bra strap for convenience’s sake.

I love lazy days like this when I can dress up as I please. Now, if only the weather is a tad kinder & my muscles aren’t aching from the run I had yesterday.


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