Dining on Cloud Nine

Had an early luncheon at Salt grill & Sky bar (ION) this afternoon and I must say I have enjoyed the entire experience thoroughly.

The setting was great, nothing too formal or too casual. We got a window seat which was a score since the weather isn’t too sunny either.

Service was excellent as well. The waiters were very attentive, plates were cleared promptly and our glasses of water always topped up before they were emptied. I was pretty impressed.

The mandatory bread.

I love the anticipation before the bread arrives. I love bread, especially warm toasted ones which come with frozen butter, no less. Yet, this one just doesn’t work for me. It was disappointing. There was a very herbal taste to the crust, somewhat like traditional herbal medicine kind of taste, which I really dislike.

To begin the real adventure, we had the ‘Salt’ salad for one of the starters. I wanted it because it comes with a poached egg! I guess this could pass as an exciting dish but we didn’t take a liking to it. It was still a refreshing choice for a starter though, not to mention visually very appealing.

Our second starter was the ‘glass’ sydney crab omelette. Now, we are talking. This is my favorite dish because crabs have always been my weakness. The omelette was topped with enoki mushrooms and filled with the sweet sweet flesh of crabs, surrounded by a flavourful miso mustard broth which complemented the omelette really well. I’d visit again just for this dish. ^^

For mains, we ordered the grilled spatchcock. I like the skin (crispy!) but found the breast meat a tad too tough. Also found the purée too sweet for our liking.  These aside, the drumstick, on the other hand, which K kindly offered was wonderful!

The second main was the Barramundi. I love fish so naturally, I love this dish. I can’t pinpoint exactly what I like about it though because the dish was just so simple—just a fillet cooked to perfection served warm.

I, unfortunately, didn’t catch what the dessert was but it had strawberries, fig and meringue in it. I suspect the creamy stick is vanilla custard or something. It had interesting textures and generally ended my light luncheon on a good note.

Overall, I had a lovely time at Salt grill & Sky bar. I can’t believe I missed out on their Truffled fries but I guess that just means I’d go back again. The view was breathtaking and the food reasonably priced for its quality. This is definitely going into my List of Favorite Luncheon Places.

Till the next time x


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