Dream Came True

I’ve been lusting over a Balenciaga for quite some time now, perhaps for a good six years or so. So when my birthday gift was unveiled to be a Balenciaga, I was over the moon (while on a sake high too)!

It was a turquoise First (K chose it as it was nearest to the one I wanted—Lagon) but it wasn’t his preferred choice. Two days later, we went to the boutique to do an exchange as I wanted it to be a bag K’d like me to carry. I fell in love at once when the lady passed me a First in Bleuté. It was a no-brainer choosing the colour but I was seriously, & I meant REALLY SERIOUSLY, caught between the First & the City.

I’ve always thought I love the First, I love its shape, how it’s rounded at the edges, but it was simply a bit too small for my tall frame. The City, on the other hand, was spacious & gorgeous as hell the way it slouches. Yet, it was a tad too boxy for my liking. After much hesitation, I bagged home the First in the end.

The very next day, after further encouragement from my mum, who thinks that the First looks tiny on me, I went down to the boutique to perform a second exchange (credits to the kind staff). Even till then, I wasn’t feeling much of the City—it was simply too rectangular! The Town caught my attention on the shelf & I decided to try my luck again (lady had previously said it wasn’t available in the colour I wanted). She told me to wait a moment while she checked & ALAS, she emerged with a BEAUTIFUL Town in Bleuté. I WAS INSTANTLY SOLD. It had all the qualities I liked about the First and it is a size between that & the City. It also comes with a long shoulder strap which can be slung both short or long. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

& so now, I’m the proud owner of my Giant 12 Rose Golden Town in Bleuté. It’s really lovely, the soft lambskin, the shiny rose golden studs, & in a marvelous, wonderful shade of blue! It’s perfect. 

I still can’t believe K bought it for my twenty-second. It’s way too extravagant. He must not do it again, but for now, I’ll definitely cherish this bag. Well, no prizes for guessing which’s my favorite bag in the wardrobe now! ^^v

Till the next time! x


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