Armed to Shoot

“Photography is the beauty of life, captured.”

—Tara Chisholm

Am I the only one who thinks cameras are one of the sexiest item alive? I just can’t live without mine, without capturing every moment of my life. When I take and post pictures, you might see meaningless repetitive images of people, food and places but to me, I feel emotions and flashing memories. Can you remember every detail of your last birthday? Can you remember where you went, what you did last November? Is this how your life will go by you—blank as a sheet? That when you are old and feeble, there is nothing you can count on to relive your younger days? Plus, if you think about it, you are really slicing out a fragment of that split moment when you put it on film (or SD card for that matter), and that, is just pretty darn amazing to me.

This is why photographs are personal and meaningful only to the ones who were present. I take photographs not because  of my narcissism but freezing those moments into beautiful stills that can be revisited forever and ever. That, is the essence of photography.


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