Blackberry Style

Funny how I’ve always loved the aesthetics of a BB and missed it while I was on Apple. When I finally lost my iPhone, I switched back to a BB (with glee!) but found myself struggling with lotsa technical difficulties such as having to perform a battery pull constantly and saving whatsapp histories manually (because it doesn’t do so when space runs out). And of course, the unanimous agreement on how limited the applications are.

It kinda sucks because I do appreciate its qwerty keypad and corporate look. BB also makes handling emails much easier, which I have no idea why that’s important to me but it is. In fact, I found managing my emails on iphone quite frustrating at times. Plus, I tend to associated iphones with funky people and I really don’t think I’m funky at all. I find BB’s outlook suits me more.

I also adore how I can change the housing of my BB. Did so numerous times when on my previous bold but yet to find a suitable one for my current curve. I reckon I might appreciate it a whole lot more when it’s pink (just because Everything Is Prettier In Pink).

Right now, my BB’s only a few months old and overheating has already become a frequent problem. I guess I’m grateful though, that I am more socially available now that I don’t glue my eyes to the screen all the time (Instagram! Twitter! Facebook!) for I can be quite a social media whore. (And I really do miss instagram very, very badly.)

Currently eyeing on the Note II though ’cause the screen’s humongous and I think it makes a pretty good camwhoring tool. Not to mention Samsung comes with instagram as well (o’ rejoice!).

It’s kinda bittersweet because I really love my BB but I can’t love it anymore, it has failed me too many times. ):

Ah, phone woes. #FirstWorldProblems


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