And When We Meet On a Cloud

I can’t get enough of knits. I remember when I was sixteen or so, I loved showing my skin and was always decked out in tank top, shorts & sandals. Funny now that I am twenty-two (sigh) that I’m opting for more youthful options like jumpers & sneakers. Knits are mighty comfy, and this particular one is soft as cashmere. I must say I absolutely detest it when knits end up prickling my skin all day, terribly annoying when that happens. This one, on the other hand, is lightweight and perfect, ’cause we all know one must be mad to bundle up in Singapore’s erratic (but oddly humid anyhow) weather.

O’ & spot my new kicks! Love ’em! :*

Meanwhile, to those whose papers are coming up (that includes me), keep calm & study on xx


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