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Kickstarted my winter by spent slightly over forty-eight hours of non-separation with K, which is probably the longest we did, trips aside. It was a fruitful weekend revolving around—

  1. our 17 months ♡
  2. eating
  3. tagging along with K to his office for work
  4. visiting lil’ children &  ahmas
  5. watching movie (Back To 1942)
  6. cutting hair (K at his salon & I kinda trimmed my bangs on my own again)
  7. more eating (a lot more)
  8. singing karaoke (finally!)

Come to think of it, it’s amazing how we are constantly tired & deprived of sleep but somehow always end up filling our schedules to this extent. Well, regardless, he never fails to brighten my days with just his presence alone. For that, I am glad & I pray that it’ll stay this way forever.

To everlasting love x


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