So, this is (extremely) first-hand news but it is also very important news. It signifies an end to the current chapter & opens up the next phase of my life.

We are successful in our BTO application!!!!!!!!

For those ignorant, it means we’ll be getting our own flat in around another 4 years’ time. Long, I know, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the wait. Picture this— a house under our very own names! Our love nest! We get to keep a cat! Or two!

I’m VERY excited in case you can’t tell. The more I think ’bout it, the more surreal it becomes. I haven’t mentioned this but just a couple days ago, I actually dreamt that we didn’t get our flat & I woke up praying hard that reality is the opposite of dreams (as people often say it is). & YES IT IS! ^^v

It’s either that dream or I conclude 12/12/12 must be a very good day. Or maybe it’s because of the very exorbitantly priced grapes I bought in Takashimaya this afternoon. Whichever it is, WE GONNA HAVE A PLACE TO CALL OUR OWN!!

Looking back, I’m so glad he asked me out for the movie Thor on the when I wore this. You see, one event led to the other & before we knew it, we were meeting almost everyday. K & I have been together for some 17 months now. I can’t remember at which point of time we both decided this is it & we want to be together for the rest of our lives but here we are. I’m so touched by all these I think I might cry this instant. (‘;

Such wonderful news call for some memories-rakin’. These are just some of my favorite moments with K.


Our date to the zoo (because it’s so cute that we were already in our twenties but we held hands, took photos with the hippopotamus & fed lil’ goats).


Our trip to Bali two summers back, which was just lovely lovely. Without a doubt the best trip in my life (so far) brimming with memories to that’ll last a lifetime.


Our trip to Taiwan last summer, which was lovely as well. It was special because we celebrated our first anniversary there.

I’m certain that in the years to come, there’ll be many many more memories that will join in too. It gets scary sometimes because there’s gonna be so many changes to come (we’re growing up too fast!) too but we’ll brave ’em all with faith, hope & love. I really look forward to sharing a future with you (K), I know it’s gonna be Amazing (with a capital A!!!:D).




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