Racing Horses; Do Not Stop


Got an opportunity to experience horse racing at the Singapore Turf Club for the first time in my life & it turned out to be pretty fun & definitely a lot more sophiscated than I had expected it to be.

The event was so lavish. The theme was white. I didn’t have many choices so I wore the first white dress I located but still, it was a lil’ too demure for my mood that day so I threw my (p)leather jacket over. NOT ENOUGH. The guests wore perfectly pleated skirts & big fancy hats, all looking like a million bucks. I swear, for that first moment I lay my eyes upon them when I entered Sage Room, I felt immensely under-dressed & lackluster in comparison.


But all were good when we were treated to sumptuous food (think melt-in-your-mouth-salmon wrapped around fluffy potato cubes & free flow chocolate pudding & assorted macarons), bubbly (why, of course) & started mingling with friends & friends’ friends & so on. In fact, it turned out to be really enjoyable!

We even got to witness the magnificence of the horses up close as they trot around for inspection. They looked so damn beautiful as their hair glisten in the stadium lights. Horses are really such handsome creatures! Definitely the highlight of my night, at least! ^^

P1230193 P1230200

The owner (I assume so anyway) of the winning horse popped a champagne to celebrate his victory & invited all of us to join ’em for a glass of bubbly too.

Haven’t attended events for a while & this was yet another eye-opening experience for me, immersing in the glamorous side of horse racing & betting. Not bad at all 😉

Till the next time! x


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