Our Pottery Class Together


21 December was K’s birthday & I gave him a series of gifts (but I’ll leave that to another day) to thank him simply for existing in my world (:

For a start, we went for a pottery class together (just because he has briefly mentioned that he had always wanted to try it when I commented that I really dislike pottery lol). I did a lil’ research & signed us up for a trial on throwing on the wheel.


I actually think he might have a talent for pottery?! I could never get the pulling part right (I blame it on my manicured nails) but it seemed sorta effortless to him (& in this picture).


The wind in my face & my lump of clay looking nothin’ like his ☹

To be frank, it turned out to be a lot more interesting than I remembered it to be (back in the RG days). I definitely don’t remember being taught so much techniques (wedging, centering, coning up & down, pulling, etc) so that lesson became really fruitful for me as well! Not to mention, the mentors were very patient & detailed in explaining every step to us, guiding us through at times yet giving us sufficient independence at others. They were so experienced! The clay moulds so easily in their hands, it’s almost like magic that they’re able to manipulate it as they wish!

I’m glad we went. It was such a pleasant experience. ☺


In the end, we managed to make five different cups/mugs/pots/bowls/i-don’t-know-what-to-call-’em!

Naturally, there were hilarious blunders along the way— like how K’s clay vase (since he had successfully pulled it to a height) broke in the middle & he ended up with a short teacup instead.

O’ & see the lemon-shaped one below?


The owner of that studio was chatting with us when she leaned back & nearly folded my completed product flat. This was after their resurrection haha.


Glazes! We have yet to glaze our proud works though. Drying & firing gonna take up to two weeks so I guess we’ll only be glazing them next year (next year holy cow!). No idea what to do with five seemingly useless ceramics but they are so meaningful so we came up with a plan to use ’em as plant pots in our new home.^^


Was dressed down in a classic tee & jeans combi for the class (so you really gotta pardon the flip-flops, which is my very first pair of havaianas!). My new pair of jeans with subtle leopard prints! MEOW~ >:D



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