Christmas ’12

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How did you celebrate your Christmas? K & I spent it by indulging in a sleep of eleven hours before heading to town for lunch. S’been a while since we had Ding Tai Fung together. Shopped a lil’ before settling down at Coffee Bean for some coffee-lovin’. K ordered two double-shot cuppas for the both of us, sprinkled chocolate & vanilla powder on his & an additional cinnamon powder on mine. ♥

We shopped somemore afterwards, in search of Christmas gifts. He got a pair of Sperry’s for himself & I finally pampered myself (not that I don’t always) with a Pandora bracelet! Filled it up with just three charms but I want it to be extra special such that each charm is meaningful in its own way & not just aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been eyeing on one for a long time so I am really elated that it is now resting happily on my wrist.

Somehow, I find Singapore lacking in the festivity of Christmas this year. The romantic in me longs to see loving couples strolling down the street in smiles, lil’ kids donning Christmas hats humming to classic Christmas tunes. No such luck. The lack of emphasis on such a joyous occasion is disappointing! O’ wells, at least it’s still a day off for K & we got to spend it together. ☺

It’s an hour to midnight & to the end of Christmas’12. Gonna skype X & V when clock strikes twelve so I’m really lookin’ forward to catching up with ’em! ヽ(•‿•)ノ

Much love till the next time x


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