His Birthday Dinner

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Made a reservation at Tatsuya (Goodwood Park Hotel) for K’s 24th birthday dinner because we both avid Japanese cuisine lovers & this is apparently one of the best (if not the best) Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

They are known for their Omakase & Kaiseiki but K being K, has many restrictions when it comes to eating (i.e. no beef, no raw food, no prawns, no rough texture, no chewy texture etc), we went for the ala carte based on recommendations from the waitresses instead.


Appetizer of cold tofu with century egg sauce, herring roe with spinach, another kinda roe with radish & sweet potato marinated with lemon juice. I love this dish, partly because it was experimental & everything worked well. The tofu silken, roe fresh & crunchy, sweet potato tasted different in a good way too. If I didn’t recall wrongly, this was $20.

Sashimi needs no introduction. The stock being flown in just that morning, this was very, very fresh & very good. Five slices for $25 but well worth it!


K doesn’t eat sashimi so they prepared toro belly for him instead. For your record, it was two slices of extremely tasty toro at $40. K was kinda apprehensive initially (he dislikes tuna) but commented that this was the best tuna he has ever eaten. I tried a lil’ & true enough, fresh tuna tasted so luxuriously fat & delicious I’ll never look at canned tuna the same way again.

Gindara was disappointing. It was good but not good enough. Both K & I agree that Mikuni does much better gindaras.


The chef before us hard at work, coordinating everyone else behind the bar so customers were served in the most efficient manner possible.

Aburi sushi, Tatsuya‘s signature flame-torched sushi. This is, by far, the most expensive sushi I’ve ever eaten. At $15 per piece, we were served three pieces each. I did not catch what the first one was (some kinda fish topped with kelp) but the other two were sweet prawn topped with caviar & scallop topped with foie gras. Indulgent & I had enjoyed this although it was an entirely different story for K. He cannot appreciate seafood in its raw (this is not raw but he insists its not well done haha) form but swallowed it anyway. Poor love. ^^”


We were pretty full by the end of the aburi sushi but in search of something more familiar, we ordered kanimaki ($22) & chawanmushi ($8) too. Maybe its just me but I thought the kanimaki was really good haha. The chawanmushi is, sadly, one of the worst I have tried. It was neither smooth (note the bubbly surface! ☹)  nor flavourful & I really think I can make better ones. Then again, perhaps ours’ the exception because I have read & saw pictures online that their chawanmushi is silken & wobbles perfectly.

We also received two tiny portions of caramel ice and brown rice tea with compliments to the chef. Nothing impressive but still a kind gesture to end our dinner on a sweeter note. ☺

Naturally, the bill didn’t come cheap & I think, ultimately, K didn’t quite enjoy it either but hopefully, he still enjoyed his birthday overall. ^^

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Results gonna be out tomorrow. Best of luck to me! x


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