2012 has come & went. K has gone back to office to rectify an urgent problem that cropped up unexpectedly circa 1 a.m. this morning, so here I am, spending the first day of the New Year alone in bed, oscillating to & fro with Gossip Girl dramas, Murakami novel & sleep. I’m not complaining—it’s a luxury to have too much time on hand anyway. Plus, a man hard at work is a charming man. ☺

K kept to his promise (after missing last year’s fireworks) & brought me to see this year’s last night. I happen to enjoy basking in hyped crowds, roughin’ it with like-minded people eager to welcome 2013. The whispers, the gasps, the screams & then the cheers when the first set of fireworks hits the sky. O’ boy, do I LOVE fireworks! Bright flashes of light clapping thunderously as they burst in glorious symphony before streaming off in sparkly, sparkly shimmers. Nothing but pure love for such beauty.

& so, BYE 2012, you’ve been eventful & nothing less than great. HI THERE 2013, you’re gonna be a year of changes & growing up to me, be kind.

Happy New Year to all xoxo


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