Lemon Butter, Avocado & Baked Ham Ciabatta


An impromptu brekkie that I whipped up from readily available ingredients around the house. Turned out to be really delicious!!


Ciabatta sandwiches laced with salted butter chunks (I love my butter in chunks), leftover honey baked ham from Christmas (baked ’em with lemon zest, lemon juice and black pepper), mashed avocado & melted cheese. Lightly toasted. Perfect.


& because I had so many lemons left after my failed lemon macarons attempt, I decided to be creative & made some lemon butter from scratch & stored it in a shot glass (I thought it looked pretty cute). It was a really simple recipe I came up with in my mind (I really have no idea if this even exist in the world though I’m pretty sure it does because this is dope) using lemon zest, lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper & parsley flakes. The result it a refreshingly citrus-y twist to the usual salted butter.

Used it on some walnut toast & they went wonderfully together.


It’s been only a day & the lemon butter supply is running low in the fridge. I think I might make more because this is seriously pretty addictive, especially when served with plain toast or fruit loaf. & chilled milk. Major yums.

Till my next cooking escapade! x


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