Today marks a life-changing day in my life. Which is why today demands to be recorded.

I just signed my twenty-one post-graduation months away. The best part of it all? To a company I’d like to work for, no less.

I think it’s exciting. It opens up to yet another chapter of my adulthood— entry into the working world. Frankly, I don’t feel quite ready, I barely feel like I’m past my teenage years. But here I am, with future plans all laid out before me. Signed. Fixed. Done.

I can’t imagine my life more perfect than this moment. I’m getting everything I want. Like iron dust to a lodestone, & in some ways, too smooth-sailing to be true.

& so it seems like my next few years gonna be intimidatingly predictable. It’s okay though, I’m totally cool with that. I like plans. I like being on track. I like inching towards my goals steadily. In fact, just thinking about all these is enough to make my heart skip a beat! All the dreams I’ve harboured since I was a lil’ girl, all the places I wanna go, all the things I wanna own, they’re all demanding to be fulfilled as I grow up day by day.

I remember when I still had doubts about my entire life a few years back. I guess things really do work out in the end. & lastly, to myself, I hope I’ll be able to carry in my heart the faith to do my best & to never take anything for granted. I hope. 


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