Mummy’s Birthday

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Spent my Tuesday afternoon with my parents at The Line @ Shangri-La Hotel. The last time I went there was for my eighteenth birthday but the spread was still as amazing! This time round, it was for my mummy’s birthday!


I ate lotsa oysters (because I have grown up & grown-ups eat oysters hurhur) and basked in the glory of the afternoon sun (one of the things I really like ’bout the restaurant).

(Still in disbelief that my mum had peeled herself off the computer screen ‘cus all she does now is monitoring her stocks online! ^^) 



P1230651  P1230654 P1230652P1230656


I really like this romper ‘cus it’s so lightweight & flowy and the cape falls very prettily, but I really dislike rompers in general ‘cus going to the toilet becomes such a chore. /:

Kidding. I love all clothes.



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