Epic Love


The other day, I read something in the latest issue of COSMO mag called Epic Love. You know, those sort that two remains madly, deeply in love even after a hundred years & everytime you see each other, you fall in love all over again & how each time he smiles, you get swept off your feet again & each time she looks at you, you can’t help but marvel at her beauty, you long for her touch, long for her kiss, everything is just bigger, better, brighter with each other etc etc. Yeah, Epic with a capital E.

Nicholas Sparks’ books have Epic Love. The Hunger Games Trilogy has Epic Love. John Green’s novels have Epic Love. Fifty Shades of Grey have EPIC Epic Love. Epic Love makes you tear. It makes you cringe. It makes you smile. Epic Love is ideal. Epic Love is desirable.

I don’t know if it’s just me being sentimental lately but you know what? I think I might have found my Epic Love.



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