A Love Story Which Took Place On The 07/07

In approximately 3 more days, K & I would be choosing our flat unit. It’s not just about taking another step into the life of a full-fledged adult, it’s about the fact that we are taking that step together. It silently means that we have made an important decision in our lives to ourselves that we want to be there for each other, for the rest of our lives. (& hopefully, of course, the next life, & the next next, & the next next next one, &— you get my drift.)

Looking back, I’m still grateful (I don’t think I’ll ever stop being) that K & I crossed paths one fine day in the compound of none other than NUS. I had looked at him, noticed his vintage glasses & thought to myself that that frame was a lil’ too large for his small face. He, too, claimed that he had noticed me. “I thought you looked cool,” was his aloof answer with regard to his first impression of me. (How patronizing!)

I would like to bring y’all back to the days he asked me to be his girlfriend officially (cue giggles here because I feel too old to even be talking about being official & what not). We note our anniversary to be on the 07/07 (a nice date; I hope we’ll be able to get a unit number akin to this) but in reality, it happened a lil’ past 12am, which is technically 08/07.

He had picked me up at a nearby train station & driven us to the Rail Mall. There, we got out of the car & he signaled for me to wait at a distance with my eyes closed. I did as I was told. Apprehension engulfed me because we had quarreled (& patched up) the day before & I thought things were a lil’ rocky. I waited patiently.

Turn around.

I turned around.

You may open your eyes now.

I opened mine.

There he was, handsomely seated on top of his then BMW (I guess he wanted some drama hurhur), holding an ice cream cone (later, I found out that he had bought this from a nearby petrol station earlier & intended to use it as a mic). What a gorgeous sight, I remember myself thinking. Just then, he started to sing to the music playing from his car…

everytime i see your face / my heart goes off on a high speed chase 
now don’t be scared / it’s only love
baby / that we’re fallin’ in

I stared at him wide-eyed without the slightest clue what was happening, smiling occasionally because I thought it must have been kinda awkward for him as well.

The music ended. K hopped down from his car & sauntered towards me. With him before me, our eyes locked, everything else around me dissolved into nothingness. He opened his mouth to speak but ended up stuttering.

I.. I know I don’t have any flowers. Well… I should have gotten some. I don’t know what came over me but I just felt the sudden need & urge to do this. I was home practising the song & I’m so nervous right now…

Um hmm,” I nodded my head as I took in his words with caution.

I know this isn’t much… but I promise it’ll be bigger & better the next time when I propose. H, will you… be my girlfriend?

Girlfriend. The word lingered on in my ears for a while. I peered up at him through my lashes, admired his chiseled cheekbones, his sharp nose, his narrow eyes, his sincerity. It struck me that he had… oh dear, my heart literally skipped a beat.

Yes,” I diverted my eyes from him & replied bashfully.

We hugged there & then. I could still remember so ever vividly that spot where it all happened, including the dent he left on the roof of that car (which his dad had to punch it back up the next day). And here, as I reenact this from memory, how I wish there was someone who took our picture at that moment so I would never forget that scene. So that even as I grow old & my memory begins to fail me, I could dig up this picture & recall how perfect my life had been/is. So that that particular split second, when my soulmate held me in his arms & my destiny was unearthed, is cast infinitely in print.

That said, I guess these words can suffice as well.

Since that fateful day, K has entered my life (and I his). He exists in every fibre of my being, fills every inch of my heart & soul, & resonates in every breath & step I take. K is amazing. He takes such good care of me, always reminding me to eat regularly & drink plenty of water. He never complains about sending me home, no matter how early or late, even though my house is a whooping 26km from his (I’m constantly worrying he doesn’t get enough sleep). He hates sappy movies (whereas I love) but gladly watches ’em with me (he does fall asleep most of the times but I’m still touched & grateful♡). He always notices, compliments & showers me with much love, making me feel beautiful in so many ways. I remember once, I came out of a shower with my hair all messily bunned up in a haste & my thick glasses perched awkwardly on my nose. He looked at me & kissed me on my forehead, whispering “you’re so pretty.” I swore my heart grew wings & flew off at that moment. Above all, I feel truly blessed that I can be so comfortable around him because I know he accepts me for all that I am & never did he once give up on me(I can be quite wilful at times)/us. He’s always there for me to lean on when tears flows in times of hardship. For some miraculous reasons, he ALWAYS appear at the right times when I needed him &  he knows just the right words to say. He’s my pillar of strength, my support, my shelter, my everything.

I really look forward to exploring our future together. With me at 23 & him at 25, we are still (relatively) young & there are so many adventures out there waiting for us. I can’t wait to discover more about him, see the world with him, learn from him and grow old with him.

Right now, this is just the start but I know, without a shadow of doubt, this amazing affinity between us is one in a million and it will never end.



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