Riders Cafe


Having to work on both Saturdays & Sundays, the lovely idea of enjoying a weekend brunch is never probable. Plus the fact that Riders Cafe is always packed (& hence reservation is mandatory) and that both K & I are procrastinators just don’t go hand in hand.

K had been telling me ’bout Riders Cafe since some two years ago (that’s how much we procrastinate *guilty*). I’m glad we finally put an end to this! Partly ‘cus I have been harping on how he had promised to bring me here since forever heh. ^^

Predictably, we order two sets of eggs benny & cappuccino. (I think our tastes are converging hehe!)


Now, that’s the sunshine I don’t mind waking up to every day!

Reserved my new cropped top for this special day (brunch is my fav kinda meal but sadly, I hardly have time for it). It features simple embroidery on organza which is just plain pretty! Paired it with striped jeans for a casual twist.


Spent my Easter Sunday working. Hope yours was better & more fruitful than mine! Happy Easter! x


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