An Assortment Of Moments


Time flies. The end of another weekend signals the start of the last week of my entire university life, possibly the end of my education path and soon, I’m gonna be a full-fledged working adult. The future scares me a lil’.

Insecurities aside, I have had a wonderful weekend. This weekend was -no surprises here- overloaded as usual.

K and I made truffle oven-baked cheese fries for our movie night on Friday!


We also bought these goodies to snack on when we were done with the fries!image


We ranted Wreck-it Ralph and The Tourist. Both were great and for the first time in a loooooong time, neither of us fell asleep! Well done hehe! ^^

Last night was especially fun! Met K for dinner at this house where he cooked his specialty— stir-fried beehoon in superior abalone stock mmmm. K makes the best beehoon dishes ever!

Went to Vivocity thereafter for chocolate desserts because I still remembered how shocked K was when I told him I have never tried Max Brenner (“WHAT?!! YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED MAX BRENNER??!!!?” Haha.).

So, we decided to shop a lil’ before that since we’re both still full from dinner. Well, we ended up shopping A LOT. & I finally stocked up on my skincare yay! We were so engrossed in our retail therapy we forgot about the time and RAN to Max Brenner (from Zara) at 21:59 (last order at 22:00). We even sorta pleaded the waiter to let us order hahaha which he did so kindly!


Shared the Italian dark (so so SO thick) and the Tutti Frutti Waffle.


Pretty yummy but a bit too jelat after a few bites. We couldn’t finish the portions.


#OOTD/#WIWT yesterday. A fuss-free outfit for a simple date, wearing an old pair of shorts I had managed to fish out from the depths of my wardrobe.



On a side note, photos from PearLavish‘s shoot are out and my hair is thick & awkward as hell T_T


Incidentally, this dress reminds me of the bright & cheery Frⓞⓞt Lⓞⓞps I had for breakfast last morning. (:



I can’t believe I just blogged ’bout an entire weekend. I haven’t written such a post in ages. Funny.

Till the next time xx


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