A Ladurée Date


Have you heard? Ladurée has landed in our homeland! Everyone rejoice!!


So, after seeing how everyone has already flocked down to the store to lay their hands on these pretty treats, I finally persuaded K to go down with me hahah. He was completely unconvinced that it was worth his time even while we were in the queue. It was hilarious trying to explain to him how wonderful the inventions of macarons are and how we’re really paying for lil’ pieces of art carefully crafted by the patisserie! *cues unanimous nodding


Who can resist these such beauty!! I sure can’t! ^^

And true to its reputation, these macarons come with perfect shells. They are wonderfully crumbly with soft chewy centres. I also love that the sweetness doesn’t mask the slight nuttiness of the ground almonds (because it always does)! I have yet to try all flavours but so far, the marshmallow versions one have pretty intriguing textures that didn’t disappoint.




Well, it’s a macaron date after all so I went all out to dress girly.


Was pleasantly surprised when K turned up in purple as well. Telepathy! ♡




Follow me on instagram (@nhyphen) for real-time outfit updates!






PearLavish just launched its latest collection again. My favorite is this needle work top! It’s more dainty than crochet and eyelets and the heart-shaped buttons are just the icing on the cake! Preferred wine to the other colours because heart-shaped buttons are ALWAYS the cutest in red, no? ^^




That’s it for now. Tomorrow’s gonna be a super packed day for me but it’s gonna be V’s last night in Singapore so I’m really looking forward to us spending more time together, just us three girlies! x

Till the next time! x


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