BOATasia 2013


Last day of school well-spent with my besties of 10 years on a yacht. What more can I ask for?


A photo while the lighting is still good ‘fore we leave.


Bidding goodbye to shore with a bottle of chilled booze in hand.


Hair was pulled back for the day in anticipation for the refreshing sea breeze in my face. My love for winged eyeliners & lotsa pierces summarized in one selca ^^”


All dressed up as agreed. As you grow older, you just get so sentimental thinking how important friends are in your life. Whenever I look at us three in the same photo, I always feel so blessed that we met a decade ago!


Enjoyed the photogenic view together x


There were even two fully functional rooms (with beds, toilets all) in the boat!

Went to the deck for full Titantic experience after a while.


Twinkling lights in the distance and heartfelt conversations with friends ❤


Cheers to us! & more of us in the future! & to all our lives for the better! x


All legs thanks to the photographer for such an awesome angle. ^^v


Ordered another bottle of wine to toast to V’s last night with us (she flew back to London the next morning). Well, I’m hoping it wouldn’t be long before we meet again ‘cus she’ll probably be back again pretty soon (graduating soon like us!).


Decked in Red x Fluoro pink (one of my fav colour-block) for the day. I’m glad I opted for skorts. Flowy dresses would have been disastrous in the wind!



Last night was spent at K’s family dinner with him.



In Lace x Stripes for the casual affair. Was praying hard K wouldn’t wear his signature blue-striped tee ‘cus that would just be an overkill hahah.



Till the next time x


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