A Love Story With No End


“NO! I have said it and I’ll say it again – no. Period.”


Too late. With a petulant toss of her head, she has stormed out of the room. She doesn’t give chances. The girl with an iron fist, that’s who she is.

He sat down on the bed, wondering what his next move should be. They had been so perfect together at the start. He has always admired her tenacity (“Spunky. Real spunky.” He had described her to his friends.) and she his down-to-earth nature (“Unpretentious” was the word she had used). They had fallen so hopelessly in love with each other a year ago. It hasn’t been that long. What had changed? He questioned himself as he buried his face in his hands in despair.

She stood outside the house and pursed her lips weakly, arms crossed but her mood more so. She thought about their relationship. It had been so perfect and seamless. She had been so convinced that they were a match made in heaven, ‘The One’ for each other. She loves him so dearly, even till this day. Yet, she just can’t seem to put a finger to her crazy moodswings lately. She’s always feeling so out of sorts and can’t help but vent her anger at him. Why? She searched her mind for answers, sinking into self-reproach. What had changed?


A pair of lovers struggling to find each other in themselves, separated by a mere wall, hearts entwined but minds divorced.


Glitter in a snow-globe would eventually settle but they will never lose their beauty. Their winsome charm will always be encapsulated in that split second of elusive sparkle. Find love not as an interminable asset but as a fleeting moments when your eyes meet, your smiles coincide and you feel fireworks in your heart.



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