Korea ’13

K & I make it a point to travel at least once each year. I would have preferred the number 2 but alas, time is certainly not on our side with both of us struggling with our own schedules most of the time. (Need to keep my wanderlust under check!) This year, we have chosen Korea to be our destination for our Summer vacation! Annyeong~ ^^v

First up, Busan!

P1250683 P1250707 P1250726 P1250740 P1250750 P1250783 P1250814 P1250825 P1250891 P1250929 P1250959

Busan was our least favorite city simply because it was so hard to communicate over there since few knew English. We also had a hard time getting a cab everywhere & even if we did, it often ended up in traffic jams. *shakes head in dismay*

Next stop, Jeju!


We rented a car in Jeju so navigating around was a breeze with the English GPS! We could stop wherever we wanted to to grab a coffee or simply to linger a lil’ longer at a scenic spot. P1260023 P1260052 P1260075 P1260090 P1260101 P1260134 P1260185 P1260186 P1260207 P1260231 P1260249

We traveled out to the Udo Island for a half-day trip. There, we rented a tandem bicycle to make our way around the coasts. A very, very lovely island full of adventures & wonders! A pity we only managed a fifth of it before the last ferry back.

P1260282 P1260301 P1260329 P1260363 P1260401 P1260405 P1260412 P1260434 P1260445 P1260472 P1260479 P1260491 P1260496

We fell so deeply in love with Jeju. The entire province was just so incredibly beautiful & welcoming! The skies were the bluest shade of blue I have ever seen, the waters clear & inviting, the weather cooling with a touch of the Sun’s gentle warmth (on the less sunny days). I definitely want to return here again one day.

Our last stop was Seoul. Both K & I aren’t holiday-shopping fanatics. We prefer to walk around at our own pace & busk in the local culture.

P1260521 P1260526 P1260545 P1260549 P1260602 P1260652 P1260669 P1260699 P1260785 P1260813



A very briefly narrated post but that’s it! There are obviously many noteworthy moments in Korea. Like another book to my collection, flipping through these pages of memories, I particularly like the paragraph where K & I were singing ‘Country Road’ in the car while driving up the mountain. All these memories I’ll keep close & fondly to my heart.

Lotsa love,
HY x


4 thoughts on “Korea ’13

  1. Fantastic vacation spot,wonderful pictures.Cheers.jalal

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