Giving thanks


So, the day has finally come. As I put on my graduation robe & mortar hat, I can’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia. Looking back on all sixteen years of education, I asked myself if I had made the right decision in the end. In fact, just moments before going onstage to collect my scroll, I was overwhelmed by jitters. After all, there and then, at the University Cultural Centre, would be where the rich red theatre curtains close upon my life as student.

University life. Hmm, how can I even put a value to these invaluable years I have spent? These years epitomizes my youth, careless and carefree, as I blossom (I hope I did) into an independent lady. These years do not come easy but it is only through struggling and experiencing the unexpected that one can mature and discover oneself. As such, my university years are those of the life-changing kind, shaping me and my future too.


My parents are an indispensable part of me. My papa is a dedicated man. He earns my respect for no matter how life throws him lemons, I have never once heard him lament. At a senior age of 50+, my papa still boasts a remarkably strong and toned physique that can rival that of a young lad. He used to participate in various marathons and triathlons but has since stopped as his age catches up with him. He also indulges in fishing and watching WWF (haha). If you ask me, my papa is the definition of perfect in my heart. He neither smokes nor drinks. He is always selfless and on the lookout for every member in the family. He is the only one who would remember birthdays, anniversaries and takes care of all the Chinese traditions and customs (because the rest of us are just so ignorant towards such stuff) when the dates draw near. Have I also mentioned that he is a great cook? He whips up wonderful curries, flavorful soup noodles and even steamed crabs in the kitchen! My papa is skilled in fashion design too. Despite his colour-blindedness, he has a keen artistic sense and does amazing freehand sketching! He is simply multi-talented. I don’t believe there is a better man than him.

My mummy is not one of convention. She is constantly making me laugh with her silly tactics. Although at times my mummy can be quite blunt in her words, you know that she still cares when she stocks up the shelf with snacks (during examination period) or presents you with a cup a milk at night before bed. Regardless, at the end of the day, my mummy remains a very affectionate person. In fact, she still insists on kissing her good night now haha. My mummy is also a capable woman. She singlehandedly built up her large student base and dedicated much of her time to teaching and nurturing them. Mummy is the first point of contact within the household and as such, there were umpteen times my brothers and I actually lost our temper at her. In spite of these, my mummy never bear grudges. She commits herself to us. She is also a strong and optimistic woman who never yields in the face of difficulties. She is my role model and I sure hope that I can be as successful in managing a home as her in the future!

Thank you, papa, for sending me to school/train stations in unearthly hours. Thank you for never failing to encourage me when I fall, always believing in me & encouraging me in everything that I do. Thank you, mummy, for making all the aromatic Kopi-O for me when the studying gets tough. Thank you for all the reminders to eat well & rest well. And for brightening my life with your hilarious tactics all the time.

You guys are the best parents in the whole wide world! You have given me the best home possible. I owe this day to you. Thank you & I love you ❤


K was a group mate I met in one of the modules in school. My initial impression of him wasn’t pleasant as he often played truant and didn’t take our project seriously. However, things changed once I started to know him better. They say opposites attract and I guess that was true to some extent at the start of our relationship. He struck me as a very animated and shiny person, void of any defense mechanisms that people usually have (and boy, was mine high and heavy at that time). I have never been so infected with joy and laughter by a man before and for those brief moments when I was with him, I felt alive. He was a turning point in my life. He may not have realized but he has taught me so much for the two years that we were together. He has been an unyielding pillar of strength and support during my last year in university, spurring me on and ensuring that I don’t neglect myself. He is everything I have ever dreamt of. Scratch that – he is what my dreams are made of – he is kind, thoughtful, understanding and accommodating. Plus points for his beady eyes, bright unpretentious smile and casual vivacity which charm me forever.

Thank you, K, for coming down on my special day and for the lovely sunflowers. I’m so glad I could share this piece of joy with you and I hope that I have made you proud. I love you ❤

P1270773 P1270774

So, as I take my budding step into the workforce, let me take this moment to thank everyone who has influenced me in a way or another in my life thus far, be it for better or for worse. For it is you all who have shaped me to be who I am today, for there is no other way I would want my life to turn out. At this point, I hope that I can be the best that I can be.

Work life has been exciting and enjoyable so far. Everyday is brimming with learning opportunities and I look forward to improving my knowledge day after day. I hope this implies that I have finally found my calling in life. That reminds me – that finding my calling is my resolution this year and hopefully, I would be able to strike that off the list soon.

Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. Till my next post x


One thought on “Giving thanks

  1. Congratulation on you graduation .Wishing you and all the graduates a bright future.jalal

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