I Wish

With my twenty-third coming up in less than a week’s time, I can’t help but feel sad over the fact that my calendar’s already packed till the 31st! Not dates, mind you, but midterms! Viva! Journal presentation! Case studies! Woe is indeed me. T_T

Nevertheless, on birthdays I feel blessed. ‘Cus surviving another year in this cruel world is not easy and I am glad to always have the support of beloved few (but the love they render is so, so much!).

October has always been my favourite month. I would create long lists of items that I obsess to possess and put them up to motivate myself. I would dream of perfectly plated brunches on a perfectly cloudy day with my perfect man sitting opposite me. My perfect (birth)day ends with perfectly simmered crabs with perfectly succulent flesh in perfectly seasoned broth, surrounded by my favourite perfectly smiley faces.

How I wish I could say the same for this year but alas, this year is different. A series of the most unfortunate events happened, exposing me to the harsh reality of Life (& Death). Within a short period of a month, three people I am acquainted with, whom I care about too because they are part of K’s family and hence of mine, are hospitalised.

So, this year, I decided to dedicate my precious wishes to them. It’s not much but I believe since birthday wishes only come once a year, they must be powerful! There’s only so little I can do to help on my own but with my almighty wishes, perhaps I can even move mountains! (Nah, I’m sprouting nonsense.) Still,  I wish them all the strength they can muster and more to fight their illness. I wish upon them (if I could) a miracle each to be able to wake and recover in the best possible scenario. I wish they could celebrate their next birthdays like me too, and their next next, and the next next next, and so on.  I wish their family hope so bright it could light up the sky. I wish that whatever happens would happen for a reason, that Life would be fair and not  arbitrarily deprive a living man of living.

Let my wishes come true, pretty please?


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