Not your usual Sunday

Sundays, as its name implies, are meant for brunches, beaches, or anything as long as it’s fun and out in the sun. Yes, the bourgeois in me believes so.

But no, today is not a typical Sunday.

Today is a Sunday when I stay in amidst paint fumes (family is repainting the entire house) and prepare for my journal club presentation. It is a Sunday I wish I could be with K as he fights along with his family at the hospital, calling for his uncle to buck the fuck up and stop sleeping. It’s nearly month and his condition dips from bad to worse. His own good friend friend passed away last morning after struggling from the same condition in an adjacent room. How sardonic can life get?!

So, while I put on my smiley mask (not to say I’m not happy ‘cus I am, just that I really have more important things in Life that needs me more than my assignments and deadlines) and seem as I’m wild, free and enjoying, please note the pain and suffering that is going on around me and my efforts in in maintaining my loosening grasp on the reins. Keeping strong is one of my forte. It doesn’t mean you can stand in to judge when you do not know a single thing that is going on in my Life.




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