The surprise of the surprise

On Thursday, my actual birthday, I had gone for a nursing course with my fellow pre-reg colleagues who surprised me with a doodle book (filled with their penned wishes). We also happen to have an exceptionally satisfying lunch that afternoon at Bedok, tucking into orh lua and ah ballings.  Then, during tea break, I got a second surprise from the nurse educator who was teaching us.


She had bought a whole cake, along with bottled green teas!  There were so many thoughtful gestures throughout the day that I was genuinely touched and glad that I had met this bunch of friends! 😀

Our viva was scheduled for the next day. For those who don’t know, viva is basically an oral assessment whereby examiners grade us on our verbal communication skills and clinical knowledge. In view of this, K and I already had a pre-celebration on Tuesday.


He had planned for a dinner celebration that night and meant for the restaurant as a surprise. It was at Pan Pacific hotel. I followed beside him and he told me the restaurant is at level 4. In the lift, a bunch of Caucasians were obviously having fun, guffawing heartily. Coincidentally, they were heading to level 4 as well! One of them then commented casually to his pal that Keyaki at Level 4 serves the best Teppanyaki in Singapore. I peered up at K, gave him the is-that-where-we-are-heading look and he couldn’t help but break into a chuckle lol.

The Caucasian caught K’s laughter and raised his brows animatedly, “You don’t like Teppanyaki?” K then revealed to him that he had unknowingly exposed his surprise dinner! What an awkward but mirthful encounter! ^^

On a side note – Teppan!!!! Just a few days ago, we had a failed Teppan date at Sakae because the Teppan chef had gone for his break. Finally, we got to satiate our Teppan cravings!


I remember my last birthday dinner was spent at Mikuni. Seems like K has a knack for picking out the best Japanese cuisine in town. Not that I mind! Om nom nom.


Celebration ended with booze amongst city lights, just the way I like it. (:

Back to Thursday. So I had gone home from the course to study for next day’s viva. It was kinda a tradition for the family (brothers would come home for this) to sing songs and cut cakes. I had no qualms that this year would be no exception even though my mum kept on denying so. Anyway, being the usual considerate girlfriend I am (hur hur), I didn’t invite K, knowing that I would be preoccupied with my notes (but naturally, I miss him terribly). Halfway through, absent-minded mummy had a slip of the tongue and ended up exposing her own grand plan. She wanted to let me think that there was no cake for me and asked my brother loudly when he reached home, “gor ah, got buy cake or not?”

His reply was classic, “Huh, I thought you said K is buying?”

LOL! So K was going to come after all! \(^^)/

True enough, K arrived shortly after when I was in the toilet. A mango cake appeared on dining table miraculously and mummy still had the cheek to say, “K is not coming hor, I never invite him.”


Yeahhh right. K then walked out of the kitchen and said he had been hiding in the storeroom for hours.


There is something MAJORLY wrong with the surprise skills of this bunch.

Still, we went on to sing songs and cut cakes! I even received a present from K! (I got to admit I was taken aback because as you know, many unfortunate events have happened during this period but he actually bothered to shop for my birthday present.) (‘;



So all along, I had thought mummy planned this whole birthday cake cutting thing for me and I had put it up on Instagram so proudly. Just a few days ago, she texted me and confessed that she had no part to play in this surprise. K had apparently contacted her on his own that day and arranged everything, from cake to gift.


I’m convinced I must have done something exceptionally sacrificial in my last life to deserve a man like him in my present. (‘:

So anyway, I just needed to eternalize this memory right here on my blog so I would never forget what a blessed girl I am.

Journal Club presentation to the whole pharmacy department this Thursday! More fighting ahead! Let’s gooooo!



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