Identity is a funny thing. I reckon I might have confused myself over several different kinds that I present to different groups of people. Some might jump to conclusions that I am soft-spoken, others might find that I’m a lil’ crazy, then there are also those who, perhaps, think I am too badass?

Which am I?

Frankly, I do not know. It feels so natural to mould myself into what people perceive me as sometimes. The moment you realize that I can be quite overtly open, I might just let it go before you. If you have thought that I’m a meek polite girl, I would probably remain so to you.

Sometimes I get a lil’ bewildered thinking ’bout all these facades. I might have lost myself in there I suppose. Now, I no longer know which is the real me and what I want. Sometimes I just want to head out, party and have tons of uninhibited fun. Other times I shut myself up, slather some aromatic lotion and spend some quiet me-time. I’m guessing this is normal but then again, thinking about it isn’t quite the same case. The more you think about it, the less comprehensible the issue gets. This simply blows my mind.

I think the best solution is to sleep it off. My thoughts run wild like this when I go on an autopilot mode after an exhausting day. I wish the mind were easier to control.





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