Love in a long time

A terrible dry cough has taken over my world. My throat is persistently itching. Almost every hours, I would enter a coughing fit, hacking so incessantly and uncontrollably that my chest hurts. To make it worse, cough syrups don’t seem to work their magic on me. For the past few nights, I have been waking up numerous times only to be caught in another cough spell.

Today, I finally saw a doctor and my, my, were those unconventional medicines prescribed to me. Still, I have to admit I am a little excited to try these medicines. I mean, how else would I be better able to understand what my patients go through and counsel accordingly, right? And of course, the little mistakes doctors love to make when prescribing, resulting in unintentional overdosing of flu medications. Tsk.

Last night, I put on a sheet mask to bed. You know those that come with flaps to cover your eyes as well? Yeah, I was using one of those and all that was exposures was my lips. I was falling into dreamland when suddenly there was a light peck on my lips, a warm hand over mine on my stomach and K whispered “Good night, I love you” into my ear. I smiled.

K is exceptionally caring in little moments like this. We have been together for 29 months now and I am still so in love with everything about him. It’s not even just about appreciating, I’m really quite madly in love.

And I think I might love him in a long time.


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