1) It has been a while since we slept in together. On Sunday, we snoozed till 12pm. I always wake first when we have work but on sleep-in days, somehow K will wake first. And I love waking up to his pleas for me to do so – “Breakfast time!“, “Let’s wake!“, “Very late already!“. Heh.

2) We were enjoying our coffee at the al fresco of Starbucks Rochester when all of a sudden, it started pouring. By the time we were done with our cups, it was still raining torrentially. We waited for thirty minutes or so but the rain did not show any signs of stopping. Casting aside our apprehension, we stuffed our wallets and phones into our pockets and hand in hand, we ran to his car in the downpour. Predictably, we went on a drenched high in the drive home. It wasn’t our first time running in the rain but it was so much fun each time!

3) After my last shower of the day, I got ready for bed and put a sheet mask on. You know those that come with flaps that can be used to cover your eyes as well? Yeah, I had that on my face so all that was exposed was my lips. Just then, when I least expected it, I felt a light peck on my lips, a warm hand slipped over mine, and a soft whisper – “Good night, I love you“. I smiled. A perfect end to my Sundaze. 


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