I got an account recently to facilitate answering of queries people might prefer to pose anonymously & I try my best to reply all questions as relevant as helpful as I can. However, it seems that lately, some of these nameless lads are abusing it & asking me questions that absolutely cross the line. It has never occurred to me (at least not up till now) how inane some people’s lives can be that they flood their mind with such distasteful curiosity in your personal life (& by that, I mean really downright personal & intimate details). I read them & instead of answering them, I find myself racking my brains over how my answers can possibly benefit them in any way. No, regardless of my answers, I conclude, there wouldn’t be any sort of benefits to both parties. I even start to feel sad towards them because I imagine their time could be put to much better use. I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously shallow & childish those questions can be, the absurd extent to the level of privacy people are eager to know. I’m not usually mean, I don’t usually lose my patience but I’m certainly no pushover. Anyway, from now on, I would filter out questions to answer! Please make them meaningful for goodness’ sake, thanks.



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