HPBD & H30M 2 K

K is the love of my life (cues cringes). So, naturally, I put in much much thought into planning his birthday (as always). Most of the time, this planning doesn’t come easy ‘cus to me, K is the kinda guy who has everything. He is the type who doesn’t wish for the tangibles, & when he does, I probably can’t afford it (haha).

This year, I opted for a staycation, ‘cus why not? I think we both needed a break from the world.

A break that looks like this –


Exactly like this. Just watching the hustling world from a distance while you relax in the pool w music playing lightly in the background. B-L-I-S-S.

Right, so it was a Saturday & we checked in in the late afternoon.


The lobby smelled good (we have yet to figure out what scent it is but I want that in our home next time), the room posh, the bed seven-layered & made to PERFECTION.

I need to comment on this amazing bed ‘cus K & I are deeply, madly in awe. The secret lies in its seven layers. Apparently seven-layered beds are the best beds (from my amateur research). I can’t seem to find out why it is so, not online anyway, but I swear (I’m sure K would too) that this is, by far, the most comfortable & sleep-inducing bed ever. You wouldn’t be able to fill each other toss & turn too. It is literally heaven in a bed. My vocabulary seem to dissipate into thin air as I try my best to give credit to the bed haha. No, seriously, you have to try it to believe it. Definitely getting one in our new home too.


We lazed around for a bit, had some nepresso ‘fore heading to the pool.


Dinner was at Lolla. We drove down to the cosy restaurant in the early evening as I hadn’t made any reservations. I wanted the bar counter seats (unavailable via booking) so we could see the chefs at work (one of the ‘attractions’ of the restaurant). Otherwise, you would be sitting in the basement at a communal table.


Had the legendary sea urchin pudding so I absolutely understand what the hype is all about. This thing is da bomb! Served cold, the creamy pudding beneath generous portion of sea urchin complemented the seafood in all its creaminess & sweetness. It can be a lil’ overwhelming after a few mouthfuls but I rationed the dish throughout the meal but I never got sick of it. It was my first experience w sea urchins & I love how it tasted. K, on the other hand, disliked it as 1) the dish was cold & 2) the dish was black. Geez, how tough to please.


We also ordered the scrambled eggs bottarga di muggine, which is grated flakes of dried mullet fish. It is very salty & you have to stir it w the scrambled eggs ‘fore serving it into your mouth. There’s was a slight fish taste, akin to bonito flakes. What I love (I just kept using the work ‘love’ ‘cus I really do love these dishes!) is the texture of the scrambled eggs. McDonald’s makes the worst scrambled eggs ‘cus it is always dry and hard. At brunch places, I would always go for poached eggs but when K orders scrambled eggs, they may be soft but not creamy. I have stringent standards when it comes to eggs & this one passes my test. It is soft, warm, runny, creamy and goes well with the fish flakes. & hence, I hereby declare – this is the best scrambled eggs I have ever tasted in my life. Because we had the bar counter seats, I watched as the chef handled the scrambled eggs, stirring it diligently, removing it from heat, placing it back on the stove, removing it from heat again & placing it back again & so on. No wonder it’s cooked to perfection, neither over nor undercooked. I wanna go back for more! \(>_<)/


Duck fat potatoes just ‘cus it sounded too good to be true. Wasn’t spectacular in the end.


Someone else’s blazing steak. I didn’t order steaks as K doesn’t take beef. That said, I love steaks!


We also had warm chocolate cake for desserts!

I think I might have failed the dinner part for K’s birthday because he doesn’t eat most of the stuff on the menu, i.e. mutton, beef, raw seafood. Haha, wells.

Then comes K’s fav part of his birthday (I think). We strolled aimlessly through the winding roads of bars, pubs & quaint restaurants (I noted a few I want to try) chatting, teasing & just being nonsensical.

We returned to the hotel eventually to rest & then headed up to the poolside again.




We had beer, champage and (not-so-) light bites. The empty deck, the cold night breeze, the twinkling sky scrapers, & we just laid there, on their designer reclining chairs under thick fluffy towels (it was cold), sipping champers. It felt so refreshing, so inspiring that we laid there for a good four hours or so. At some point of time, when clouds were blown away, there were stars above us. It was such a grand & infinite kinda night.

We returned to our room when I fell asleep by the pool eventually. It was then I surprised K w his birthday present!


I even printed a logo for him on his cards, including address cards (‘cus he is the one who drives & I would always make address cards to reveal the secret destination on his birthday so he could drive us to wherever) & birthday card. Hahaha.


The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant (K loves hotel’s breakfasts) & K’s parents visited us & our room haha. After they left, we took a final dip in the pool w the gorgeous backdrop!




That kinda concluded K’s birthday!

Yesterday was our 30 months. As much as I would love to celebrate our monthsaries (don’t judge, I’m a sucker for monthsaries heh), we haven’t been doing so because we are both so busy w work. Nonetheless, I am glad that I had K by my side as I take my budding step into the workforce & I fight hard to be a good pharmacist & to earn my practising license. I wouldn’t have done it without his encouragement & accommodation. ♥


Lotsa love to you, K.




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