Made By NB

After lusting over New Balance sneaks for about a year now, I caved in during my HK trip recently!

Say ‘hi’ to the new kicks on ma feet!






I love my chucks but NB certainly looks better in bright glowing psychedelic colours!


Often, when I buy shoes, I already have an outfit planned in mind just to complement ’em & I CANNOT wait to wear these with a loose-fit denim or black dress that is perhaps a lil’ too short on me so it looks as if my legs go on & on & on.

I can finally have these in ma lifeeee. #Sneaks4Lyfe #SneakesRuleDaWorldYo! #SneaksAllDayErrrrrDay! xx




1d9be85b5adbd71b804bcf85b8b7fca1 7f300617f73c40c5b54f7906e643e839 8f33ab347b7daeb7785ca5619b7888aa 52f35faad42cb5e964ed2eaa7dba7af3 abea63c44eb5d000aaee5c8981423328 cfb304d7909dab2953b70b975e01574d d8e7ae336bb7ceb6ae29078d1cad9b22 eff26d15de2617326ea5d44b260a9432

So chic hehe.


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