The Tumblr Girl.

He leans in just close enough to catch a whiff of her. On this scorching summer afternoon, she smells endearingly, never cloyingly sweet, of warm figs & vanilla. Her bronzed skin glows brightly as light reflects off some of the most seductive structures ever known to man Рa slender neck leading down to a defined d̩colletage, a pudgy yet toned midriff, smooth shiny legs that goes on & on & on. She tilts her head back & ties her tousled tresses into a high bun, revealing a compass she had inked onto her skin during her rebellious youth.

The Tumblr girl is a picture perfect girl. Her smile bears the most artistic & soul-grippin’ curl and her lashes forever sky high. She reads vastly but namely books by J.K. Rowling, John Green & Murakami. She reads everywhere – in her bed, by the sea, on a cliff. The Tumblr girl is sad & sassy. She understands & embraces solitude, she refuses to be defined by anyone else. A cigarette perches precariously between her wine-stained lips. She dreams in bright flashing images, hypnotic neons & typographic text. She places a dreamcatcher above her bed. She puts daisies in her hair. She sleeps in nothing but lacy lingerie, complete with fluffy socks. She lives in the softest lightings and watches days go by, blankly & relentlessly.

Everyone wants to be a Tumblr girl. Everyone wants to live in a Tumblr world, where dust is fairy sprinkle, melancholy is sweet & nothing is hideous.



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