Dear Maldives,


It’s not easy getting back into the daily grind after five lazy days in paradise. I am thoroughly certain that I had left my heart back in Maldives, amidst the warm, bitter aroma of cuppas and our light-hearted tête-à-têtes.

 I miss waking up to fluffy resort sheets & familiar face beside me. I miss the embrace of crisp salty air, clear turquoise waters & a life-changing expanse of azure blue skies whenever I step out of the house. 


It is truly an invigorating experience to surround myrself with such immense beauty every single day. I swear it inspires you from inside out. 


K & I had planned this trip in advance in anticipation of our third anniversary. We bought our flight tickets on a whim last year when they went on sale & that very step sealed our fate with Maldives. We fretted over our accommodation because upon researching, everything was ridiculously exorbitant. Still, I insisted on staying in a water villa & boy, am I glad I did, even if it cost us an arm and a leg!



20140802-140246-50566224.jpg  20140802-140246-50566299.jpg

The hospitality of the island we stayed at was remarkable. Smiles & greetings were given out generously (the way it should); no one held back. We indulged in lavish spreads of international cuisine, ranging from freshly made waffles, cute miniature bottles of fruit smoothies, omelettes prepared on the spot, amazingly delectable congees (my go-to every morning) before strolling the calories away by the beach. Afternoons are usually the most lackadaisical part of the day as the sun drained most of our energy away. We would return to our room to take a satisfying nap before waking up to hunger pangs, signalling us to get ready for dinner.


Dinners were another extravagant affair in Maldives, primarily because there aren’t many options besides the decadent restaurants they offer. Fortunately, the food served did not disappoint. We have had one of the best cabonaras we’ve tasted at the Italian restaurant. The Japanese restaurant also whipped up a delightful plate of mixed teppanyaki and rice (We ordered grilled calamari, salmon & fried rice to share. When they came, they perfectly divided into two portions & plated on separate plates. No more last piece syndrome!). While we feasted, a talented young man from the local islands entertained us with his incredible ability of weaving using palm leaves, a Maldivian tradition.

 On some days when K & I feel more adventurous, we go snorkelling.


We had ventured out with hopes of spotting the great whale shark but alas, lady luck wasn’t shining on us & we missed out on the opportunity of swimming alongside this majestic creature. On a happier note, we did manage to catch sight of dancing dolphins & snorkelled with the adorable sea turtles.


Speaking of snorkelling, swimming in the vast ocean without a life vest is definitely one of the highlights of this trip for me. The reason being that I am, without the slightest doubt, not a strong swimmer (perhaps worse than an average swimmer?) but I actually found snorkelling in the sea quite effortless & therapeutic. Snorkelling opened up my eyes to the rich biodiversity in Maldives, where the house reef boasts an stunning display of underwater life. It was like watching a silent (figuratively) movie of Finding Nemo as I kicked my flippers vigorously (for I am not a strong swimmer) to navigate myself through the waters. I felt like I achieved a milestone in life being able to do this. Who knows I might even pick up diving now!

The night sky in Maldives is the best I have ever seen. On our first night there, we joined the Screen On The Beach, which is essentially watching films on the sand under the sky. Halfway, K nudged me & asked me to look up. I did as I was told & an array of scintillating stars stared back at me, twinkling cheekily, appearing & disappearing all at once. We ran off to the nearest sun bed & lay there, stargazing & waiting for shooting stars (saw a few!). Because stars are so far away, by the time their light reaches earth & you’re looking at it, it might no long be there. It is as if you are staring into the past. With that in mind, that night was such an enchanting experience. We even downloaded an app to make out the constellations on subsequent nights!

Sunsets are our favorite part of the day in Maldives ‘cus during this time, the sky would be draped in the prettiest shades of pink, lilac & gold.


It’s different all the time. Sometimes, it could be a subtle orange glow just above the sea level; sometimes, the orange saturates into a bright, rich vermilion as the clouds stretch long across the sky.


The best one I had witnessed has got to be the one that boasted an illuminating spectrum of pastels (above), like a sorbet sundae with its flavours melting into each other. It was on our last day there. You can’t help but sigh at the sight before you.

It certainly felt surreal the whole while I was in Maldives. K & I both reached the conclusion that the trip has put into perspective how life should be – easy & appreciative.


It is impossible not to fall in love with Maldives, all fifty shades of blue of her, once you have seen her. If heaven was a place on earth, I swear with heart that – this is it.

It’s been three weeks since I’m back to the hustle & bustle of Singapore but I still can’t get over my holiday. As even what is left from it, my golden tan – a sign of frolicking so much in the scorching sun that I have acquired its lovely glow as well, starts to fade, I’m forced to return to reality. 


It’s madly saddening & I’m not gonna lie – dream about my next holiday destination all the time.


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