It has always been great fun experimenting with natural light photography, especially in these days leading up to The Great Perhaps trip happening in D –16. I’m brimming with so many ideas I really hope I can pull them through!

Anticipation aside, I’m seriously feeling a tad too young in these floral overalls but I pushed my boundaries by side-braiding my hair hahah.

It’s midweek but there’s no time to rest because there are PPM and Pharmacy Day next week, both of which I am involved in and have loose strings to be tied up.

Hope your week would be more accomplished or restful than mine, depending on which you prefer! 😉


3 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. I really adore your outfit!! Also, I love the phrase you chose for your tattoo. I have one (different phrase) in the same spot as you actually haha.

  2. You look beautiful!! I love the floral print, and your necklace is so cute. lovely pictures as well! have a great week ❤

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