Day 1 was unusually tiring, especially after not obtaining sufficient rest on the plane.

Still, we got quite a lot of things accomplished, having seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera house and the Royal Botanic Gardens (where we took these snaps). We then took a ferry to the Darling Harbour, hoping to lay our hands on what everyone has been recommending me – the Hurricane ribs. Disappointingly, there was an insanely long queue and we refused to wait for two hours. We settled for another restaurant by the harbour and still enjoyed a spectacular display of fireworks!

Tomorrow will be my last day here (yes, we eventually decided to tour sydney only for a day) before heading down to Melbourne city by car. I’m more a nature kinda girl so I absolutely can’t wait to see the stunning coastal views!

This dress by MGP label is so lovely. It features a unique square neckline with vibrant, happy prints that will brighten anyone’s day. I’m not sure if I managed to capture its beauty. I might trying shooting this again sometime!

Hitting the sack for a good night’s rest now. Good night!


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