Today’s drive was long and tedious, primarily because we had to cover many miles. The above snaps were taken at our previous apartment, which we rented at a steal.

The house was situated in a quaint town. We had reached this town in the dark the previous night so we didn’t have the time to explore. This morning, I set my alarm at 6.30 am and while everyone is still asleep, set out to walk around.

In the morning, as the sun rose slowly to warm the earth, as rays filtered through the roadside canopy to cast soft, long shadows, the entire town was transformed instantly into a concert hall. Birds of all sorts from a symphony with their own unique chirps and calls. They were easy to spot, sometimes perched on the low branches of a tree, sometimes hopping across your path, other times swooping past above you. I immediately ran back to wake K up and dragged him out, wanting to share this moment with him.

He was reluctant initially, pleading to let him sleep in but I was adamant. I’m glad to say that he wasn’t disappointed and was quite frankly rejuvenated and impressed at the end of it. 🙂 We wandered out a little more, pointing out birds to each other and was eventually rewarded with a calming sea view.

Australia has been awesome so far, with the weathers getting more windy and chilly as we drive up. I took this opportunity to indulge in layering. This grey romper from The Nine Dame features lovely embossed details, creating texture against the grey patterned knit. I love how it features a conservative yet trendy V-shape neckline and a skirt overlay that is not longer than the shorts inside (because when it is, everyone would just think you are wearing a really short skirt and that usually ends up being distasteful). I don’t own a lot of rompers because they are such a hassle when it comes to going to the restroom but this one is worth it. It’s such a subtle and classy piece that can surely withstand the ever-changing fashion trends!

Back to my road trip, it’s only Day Three, and I am looking forward to more discoveries over the next few days! More exciting apparels coming up too. Till then! xx


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