Today’s Day Four of our road trip. We left Lakes Entrance for Yarra Valley, reaching our destination while the sun was still up, our first so far. It was fortunate that we did so because our lodge is so breathtaking, being set deep inside (a 9km winding drive in from main road) the valley. The owner of the lodge showed us our place, which came equipped with a real fireplace and a chimney! She even brought is around and gave us permission to pick anything we like in the spice/vegetable garden behind our place! It sure feels good to be this close to nature, picking our own greens and cooking them.

The temperature has dropped quite a bit since we left Sydney. I could no longer walk on the streets without a jacket and I try my best to bundle up to keep warm all the time. As the dress I wore was one that came with thin shoulder straps, I paired it with this amazing poncho cardigan I bought for this trip and belted it to define my waist. I think the dress looks perfect with oversized drapes or capes because of the intricate crochet hem. The midi length was perfect for keeping the winds out of my legs and allowing me to flaunt my booties at the same time.

Tomorrow, we will be travelling around Yarra Valley for a bit, visiting wineries and breweries! But for now, sleep beckons. Good night!


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