I switched it up for good ol’ sweater and pants today because we were heading to the Twelve Apostles which I remembered to be extremely windy and I wanted nothing but maximum comfort and zero bloopers (think skirts flying up).

I have owned this furry sweater for a long time now but these new pants, they are a dream to wear because they are oh-so-soft and the vertical stripes elongates your silhouette.

In the end, it wasn’t as as windy as I had anticipated at the Twelve Apostles but it sure was more magnificent than I expected or could ever expect, really. It’s hard to believe such beauty was a work of nature and to witness this, I’m deeply blessed.

We are ending our roadtrip and hitting Melbourne city tonight. It has been great so far and even with the repetitive views along the drive that others have warned me about, I find myself amazed time and time again. I am constantly pointing out, “cows!”, “sheep!”, “amagahh is that a llama?!!” (yes, it was.) I will definitely miss these picturesque landscapes. But for now, I can’t wait to gorge myself silly in Melbourne!


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