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Tell me it’s not just me that felt horribly warm today. As the monsoon season approaches, even the sunny days become dreadful with increased humidity. 😦

Today, I spent my morning over at my godma’s place, having the honour of eating her homemade prawn mee. Well, not before getting lost on the streets for a good thirty minutes or so. Anyway, it was my first time trying her prawn mee! My godma has always been a wonderful cook, and true enough, the broth was thick and fragrant. It was so addictive that despite the ridiculously generous portions, K and I licked our bowls clean!

Afternoon was spent catching the movie “Penguins of Madagascar” at Orchard Cineleisure! It was my suggestion to go back to this nostalgic cinema where we both spent our teenage years at, albeit apart. And then, we came home to dinner! Dad made fried rice and ABC soup, but in the end I pointed out that the soup was missing carrots, so I guess it wasn’t ABC soup after all. Nonetheless, it turned out to be another delicious meal so K and I finished our portions, again.

I lost track of why I’m narrating today. It all seems a bit pointless now lol. Basically, it was a good and simple Sunday! Right, I’m gonna end here before I sound stupid. Bye! 😀


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