Not sure if you can tell, but I have finally plucked up courage to go for eyelash extensions after lots of contemplating, and also, in view of the festive season!

I opted for a natural set of flutters, which are lighter and more comfortable than I had imagined it to be. Definitely a relief!

I’m a hopeless at putting on falsies, though I do have a knack for dressing up my peepers with loads of mascara till they look like falsies, the downside being the copious amount of makeup remover I deal with every night. Frankly, doing eye makeup is admittedly therapeutic. I wouldn’t mind doing it everyday, and I had my doubts when one of the top reasons for eyelash extensions is that you save time in the morning. Well, I had my doubts until… today. IT REALLY SAVED A LOT OF TIME. It was pretty unbelievable. Of course, now my time can be put to better use such as having a sufficient amount of time for breakfast!

I’ll try not to speak too early. It’s only Day One. We’ll see how this journey goes!





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